We have the most extensive line of Injection molded PIP fittings for the agricultural irrigation market.

Our "NEW" Injection Molded PIP 90° Elbows join the line up!!!

In addition to our injection molded PIP Tees, End Caps, 6x3 Riser Tee, and Bolted Repair Coupler Flange rings, we are proud to introduce 6", 8" and 10" injection molded PIP 90° Elbows, designed to meet your stringent requirements for accuracy and performance your customers will appreciate the added quality of injection molded PIP fittings.

Injection Molded PIP Tees Injection Molded PIP End Caps
Injection Molded Compression Coupler Flange Ends Injection Molded 6 x 3 Riser Tee (Gasket x Spigot x FIPT)