What is "Triple Wall Design"?

In all of our fabricated Pressure Rated Tee’s and Pressure Rated Wye’s you will find our Triple Wall design.  The triple wall design versus the typical double wall design provides the industries greatest hoop strength to the critical branch area of the fitting.  The added support of this superior design improves the hoop strength, side wall support, and pressure fatigue resistance where the wall of the pipe has been changed to create the branch (or leg) of the fitting.  36 years of engineering excellence and field proven performance has verified that the Triple Wall is superior by design.


Why did we incorporate the Triple Wall Design into our fabricated Sewer Wyes?

You will also find our Triple Wall design on our fabricated Sewer Wye’s.  We have incorporated our Triple Wall design on our Sewer Wye’s due to the load bearing demands placed on the branch area of Sewer Wye's in deep burial applications.  With the addition of our triple wall design it provides the fabricated industries greatest hoop strength and load bearing capacity at the transition point from the body of the fitting to the Wye branch. As always, follow industry recommended installation procedures.


"Design Makes All the Difference"