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Section 1: Sch40 (IPS) Pressure Solvent WEld Section 2: Sch80 (IPS) Pressure Solvent WEld Section 3: IPS Class 160 & Class 200 Pressure Solvent Weld & Gasketed Section 4: CIOD DR18 (C900/C905) Pressure Gasketed Section 5: CIOD DR18 (C900/C905) Pressure Solvent Weld
Section 6: CIOD DR25 (C900/C905) Pressure Gasketed Section 7: CIOD DR25 (C900/C905) Pressure Solvent Weld Section 8: Sewer SDR35 Gasketed Section 9: Sewer SDR35 Solvent Weld Section 10: Sewer SDR26 Gasketed
Section 11: Sewer SDR26 Solvent Weld Section 12: DWV Sch40 Solvent Weld Section 13: DWV Sch80 Solvent Weld Section 14: DWV Sch40, IPS Class 200 Gasketed Section 15: Profile Pipe (Sewer/Drainage)
Section 16: CIOD DR18 (C900/C905) CNon-Pressure Gasketed Section 17: CIOD DR25 (C900/C905) Non-Pressure Gasketed Section 18: PIP 50, 80, 100, 125 Solvent Weld Section 19: PIP 80, 100, 125 Gasketed Section 20: PIP 100ft Head Solvent Weld
Section 21: Surface Gated 22psi Gasketed & Solvent Weld Section 22: IPS Class 63, 100, 125 Pressure Solvent Weld Section 23: IPS Class 100, 125 Pressure Gasketed Section 24: Certa-Lok Yelomine Section 25: Heat & Air Duct
Section 26: Van Stone Flanges & Blind Flanges Section 27: Ball Valves, Swing Check & Foot Valves Section 28: Custom Fabrication Section 29: Solvent Cements  


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